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We lived in Portugal on an island called Ilha do Baleal.
It's surrounded by surf and corn fields.

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Portugal's living costs are among the lowest of all developed countries'. The U.S. is the 21st most expensive country to live in; Portugal is the 54th.

Relative to other inexpensive countries, Portugal has screaming fast (1Gb/s) Internet speeds.

The surf is disgustingly epic. Peniche boasts a dozen world class breaks, one of which is the famed Supertubos, stop #10 on the World Tour. Santi and Neil once planned to get barreled here on the daily.

The current time in Peniche is around 9:07pm. If we're working, which we're not, because the company is over, you can drop in and say hi at https://appear.in/superseriouscompany.