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Dia Oitenta e dois

Damn that single cup of coffee I drank at noon. Went to bed at 7am after submitting new iOS and Android builds. One more day of backend work and then it’s time for us to actually market this bad boy. Also Sonia dropped off the heater today \m/
Skyped it up with Sauerkraut and Neil the Peel today to plan some stuff out. Neil’s spending the next seven days building a custom dev ops suite for Super Serious. He wants to be able to easily load test, hit a panic button that mitigates user-facing shit if/when our servers get slammed, view centralized logging from his phone, scale our shit from his phone, etc. I showed them a sneak peak at the designs I’m working on. Sauer gave us the latest report on his purchases for our video/sound production stuff. Pretty stoked for when the trio packs into the house and gets to crankin’.

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