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Dia Setenta e um

Tinder solved the cold-start problem by requiring students to download the app in order to get into college parties, creating a hyper-local density of social 18-22 year-olds that then went home over the holidays and spread the app like a virus. Facebook solved it by restricting the service to students who had @harvard.edu email addresses, then @columbia.edu, then @nyc.edu, etc., conquering verticals before opening it up to the general public. Instagram solved it by providing users with filters and allowing them to easily publish their photos to Facebook, linking viewers back to Instagram. So, I’ve been exploring how to solve it for our app. I’ve come up with invitation and publishing features that make it easily “spreadable” as well as single-user utilities that make the app useful regardless of whether there are other existing users nearby. This is an app for meeting nearby people spontaneously, so it’s important we solve this.
After touring the Sistine Chapel and the Raphael Rooms, we ate first dinner. Then we ate second dinner. Then we *tried* to get third dinner, but our Cacio e Pepe place had just closed. Full of 2001 Barolo and truffle ravioli, I realized that Super Serious Company needs to figure out how to make money because gluttony vacations are fun as hell.

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