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Dia Sessenta e cinco

Seven years ago, I forged badges to the Web 2.0 conference in New York and watched Gary Vaynerchuk give a keynote speech from the back row of the auditorium. Today, we skipped badges to the Web Summit in Lisbon and watched Gary Vaynerchuk give a keynote speech from the back row of Facebook live. After the last keynote, I got a job as the 6th employee at VaynerMedia. After this one, we caught Gary with a rare 5 minute window at the Lisbon airport. He promoted our Instagram in front of his cameraman while asking how my sister was doing. As our Instagram following quintupled, we convinced Andrew Sauer on a 7am PST video chat to come and film our reality show in Portugal in exchange for a roof, an ocean view, and an iPhone 6s. He said yes. Welcome aboard, Sauer.
Gary’s big on documenting absolutely every aspect of his life; I think that’s why he dug the daily cartoon idea. He suggested we get someone to film everything we do; we said we couldn’t afford that at the moment, so he suggested we write “Looking for interns” in the comments of our posts. But Sauer beat ‘em to it. We woke him up at 6:30am his time and told him to get on a one-way flight to Portugal. Welcome to the team, amigo.

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