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Dia Sessenta e um

Neil and I have been shootin’ the shit about why people do or don’t post certain types of content on social media (neither of us likes to post on Facebook and the like). Disorganized, but here: there are reasons you might not post a certain photo, and those reasons might be social or personal or whatever; you might not want to look like you’re trying; you might feel a sort of “no one gives a shit about it anyway”; you might not want people to think you’re looking for attention or validation or human interaction or praise or whatever. But then think about a longstanding group chat you’ve had with your very best friends and think about how easily and effortlessly you’ll post a photo there. Think about the kind of interaction it gets from your friends; it’s way more fun.
A morning slack discussion about Vine shutting down turned into me baring my soul. We talked about how I overcame suicidal thoughts as a kid by learning to be funny. We talked about how my burning desire to be good at comedy as an art form is matched only by my feeling of hopelessness at ever doing so. At one point Santi offhandedly said "making people laugh is an art and you are good at it" and I am going to secretly cherish this affirmation for months. Later, all of my hanging underwear blew over the fence and into the neighbors backyard.

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