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Dia Cinquenta e nove

Yea – hm – I’ve been dealing with some shit and got really overwhelmed. When I was laying at the bottom of the stairs soaked and bruised up, I finally closed my eyes, said enough, and asked Neil to help me work through this stuff. He helped a lot (understatement), and I finally got a full night’s rest and woke up feeling better. In other news, we’ve been having really awesome dinner chats about the upcoming product. Considering it’s geo-based, it’s kind of exciting to know our testing grounds are in a sparsely populated area; if it works here, some version of it’ll probably work anywhere.
The era of communal spices ended tonight with a spice draft. Later in the evening Santi asked for help with an anxiety spiral. I mainly just talked about how the prospect of death fills me with relief instead of worry. Then I made fun of him for worrying that taking anti-anxiety pills would make him more anxious. It seemed to work.

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