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Dia Cinquenta e oito

I confronted Santi about his work ethic in a non-managerial way, and it resulted in an energizing conversation about the mission of the company. It is possible that during this interaction, I cooked and consumed rotten octopus.
Seeing a doctor in Lisbon today. It’s a trek, but I’m starting to worry, considering the heart issues haven’t subsided since they showed up over a month ago. Also, Neil and I finally spoke about products and problem spaces that I find impactful: things like minimizing the time between loneliness/isolation and discovering “your people” in any given place. The brainstorm sesh came as a result of Neil pretty much saying I’m not working hard enough (I agree), and I pretty much saying I’m bored with the work we’re doing. I’m going to charge at Giggles for the next couple of days to finish up the design tweaks and get users onboard, then start focusing on designing a product I believe in, all while Neil hacks on Giggles’ Android version, the backend, and logging/monitoring.

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