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Dia Cinquenta

This morning, I said goodbye to Neil and left to Paris. Got a text as I landed that Neil was boarding on his way to Paris ಠ_ಠ haha epic. Anyways, I had a pretty excellent day. I walked out into the city with nothing to do and ended up at the Palais de Tokyo museum. It turns out they were showing the most bizarre exhibit of all time (Tino Sehgal), where people would come up to you and treat you all sorts of ways. At one point, I was roaming, and I walked down a dark hall, and it got darker and darker until I couldn’t see anymore, so I had to feel around with my hands, and then I smelled it – human, lots of it, like the smell of a million groins. And I realized that, though I couldn’t see a thing, I was surrounded by people sweating very profusely in absolute steamy silence. I just stood there for a minute, and then they all started making strange noises and dancing around me. But it was great; I had some of the most immediately meaningful conversations of all time in there with a bunch of strangers, and ended up staying well after they closed, talking to some of the artists. We talked about Namibia, death, progress/meaning, loneliness, everything; it was nuts. Anyways, when I got out, it was nighttime, so I went to a Thai restaurant and got a shrimp pad thai to go, and opened it up under the Eiffel Tower. When I was done, I walked along the river for an hour and finally meandered the streets back home. It was the perfect one-man mission.
I walked up to every ticket counter in the Lisbon airport and eventually scored a flight to Paris. Couldn’t stop grinning on the flight. Dinner was beef tartare, frites, and 50cl of red. I sat and contemplated the nature of my loneliness, past and present.

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