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Dia Quarenta e seis

Another Sunday, another unexpected deep cry in bed. This time it was episode 4 of this season of black mirror on netflix. Why is media making me cry all of a sudden? The prime suspect in this mystery is wine.
Alright this weekend we went to seafood restaurants instead of cooking at home, and it feels bad because there’s a toight budget to keep, but I think it was necessary. We opened up conversationally and emotionally around things that were blocking us like fears and defense mechanisms. A lot about how the company is operating and why we’re doing stuff changed in the last couple of days, and it feels like we’re finally hitting our stride. This is the best work we’ve done since we got to Portugal, and it’s exciting, sort of how I pictured starting a company with Neil would be like. Creative juices are flowing and we’re thinking much smarter on a macro level.

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