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Dia Trinte e nove

While iOS bugfixing in bed this morning I got the urge to watch T-Pain’s NPR tinydesk concert on youtube. I watched the whole thing start to finish for the first time. Inexplicably, I had tears streaming down my face when I cmd+tabbed back to work.
I write this post with care, as it may be my last, for I fear I may explode if someone surprises me with a tickle. This has been the absolute most obese weekend of my life. I can barely move. If and when I get back tomorrow, I’m going to walk straight into the confessional booth of the town chapel and let the big dog know what happened. Gonna let him know about the Nutella-drenched waffle with the scoops of Ferrero Rocher ice cream on top; gonna let him know about how I bought a four-pack of Kinder Surprises as a gift and ate them all before they got to the intended recipients. Gonna let him know about the fish and chips and the pad thai and the shakshouka. Gonna let him know about the cherry tart. And I’m going to ask him for forgiveness, for I have éseened.

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