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Dia Trinta e dois


It’s fucking sweet to see what Neil’s capable of. The guy’s a monster. Any technical problem – he’ll put his headphones on and just crank; then, a few moments later, the whole thing’s built. I’m realizing that, if I had tried to do something like this solo, I wouldn’t have made it. What he has is raw intelligence, steady focus, over a decade of experience, and the ability to problem solve his way out of anything in record time. Por ejemplo, right now, he’s coding for iOS, Android, backend, AND dev ops. He’s essentially an entire engineering team. Also, unrelated: we’re thinking this app we’re working on right meow (the audio caption contest thing) will actually turn into a meme community app.

Last night I decided I would run shirtless on the beach every day. I reasoned that since taking off my shirt in public is embarrassing, this habit would be a good motivator to fix that. This morning when it was time to get out there the idea mortified me so much that instead I binged the Netflix show Easy and drank a bottle of wine.

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