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Dia Vinte e nove


So I guess our landlord and her daughter went into our apartment today while I was surfing and saw all my sketches up on the wall next to my bed; they couldn’t stop laughing when I got back. Neil describes the sketches as “sexually charged”. Anyways, regarding the company: v1 for this product is pretty much 90% designed. It’s kind of cool, because I’m designing things, not as I ideally would, but rather with utmost technical simplicity in mind. In other words it’ll be easy for us to code up. The result has been fun; complexities have been dropped; nice-to-have features have been dropped; it’s kind of as if a six-year-old designed it, and I think it’s better that way. And I should let you know that Neil hasn’t moved a single muscle in his face for the last seven hours; he’s just been sitting on the computer cranking. He pretty much built the iOS and Android versions of the app in a day. And yeah I’m over here designing like a six-year-old.

You know, I’m not sure that I’d ever had a plum before coming out here. They’re really good. I bought 12 of them today.

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