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Dia Vinte e quatro


Today marked our first official workday. Neil took a five-hour nap, but then we started whiteboarding. We don’t know what we’re going to work on, yet. We’re considering building an app for local surfers, where they can specify other interests; then, once there are enough people with another common interest, a new realm is formed, etc. Another idea we have is a game you play where your opponent or teammate was chosen by a mutual friend for some reason. Another idea we have is where you reveal fun things about you to the closest N people. Another idea we have is where if you need help with something really badly, you can video chat with them; the “tutor” can charge whatever they want per minute. Another idea is where you specify the things you’re a master of, the things you’re becoming good at, and the things you’re excited about and just starting to do; then you could see people nearby who have one of those in their lists. Or something like that. We’re video chatting with people who want to brainstorm on these things, so let us know if you want us to ask you a bunch of questions…

The desks are set up. Santi and I practiced soccer for a bit and he won 10/10 sprints for the ball and on the last one he did a rainbow which was pretty uncalled for. Then he ate a giant chia seed and prune cocktail and almost crapped his pants at Staples while we were buying the whiteboard.

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