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Dia Dois

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Despite getting two promising leads on AWS credits for the business, I felt ineffective today. It might be because:

  • our work life balance is tilting towards life and I wrote my first line of code at 9:30pm.
  • my body is wondering what happened to the surplus of pizza and cocktail calories it was trained to rely on in NYC.
  • when you work on your own shit, it’s harder to finish fast by ignoring better ways to do things.

Regardless, I’m gonna wake up tomorrow and start working and not stop til I feel effective again. Also Santi’s website design looks dope.

Neil's sad, because we're pretty much fucked. I'm playing the forward-looking, hopeful, we-can-do-this role, but when he's not looking, I sneak these little existential-angst looks out the window – Mazzy Star playing in the headphones, etc. Just gonna ignore the daunt and focus on the micro projects. Signing off, the big tuna.

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