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Dia Cento e sessenta e três

What a great day. Woke up, ate breakfast on the sunny balcony, surfed with Kevin, then surfed alone, then ran, then threw a tennis ball on the beach, then ate delicious tuna. Becca called it the "ideal day for a dog” and she is not wrong.
We went out to dinner with Inês and Severine last night and watched them play Egg Peg for the first time, and it was un desastre. But I actually think we went about it the right way: first, we got the core mechanic of the game right (and it is right); then, we observe; now, we know what to change and fix. The hackathon starts tonight, so we’ll probably tweak a bunch, do some onboarding, refine stuff like animations and graphics, make more levels, perhaps some marketing stuff… this is gonna be a fun one.

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