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Dia Cente e trinte e sete

So the way we’re doing it is: we work on an idea for four hackathons straight; if at the end of that month we want to keep working on the app, its lifeline gets extended two weeks; otherwise, we savagely leave the lil guy behind and work on an altogether new app idea for the next month, etc. Anyways, with just a few more days before making the decision, we kicked it into high gear and got a bunch of people on the app all over the world, and now I’m stressin, because the app isn’t even done, and all these poor people are experiencing bugs. But it’s good. We’re getting so much guiding feedback on everything. Thanks to everyone who downloaded it <333
I am loving this rhythm of weekend hackathon, week off. We’ve made good progress on floats and I’m administering copious self care for the first time, well, ever. I know we’re doing the right thing by putting floats out while it’s still embarassing to us, but it’s taking a lot of self discipline not to open Atom and try to fix everything right now.

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