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Dia Um

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Today, the big tuna and the little tuna woke up in Portugal (I'm the big tuna). This here's a holy place: the only country on the planet to provide low living costs, fast internet speeds, AND epic surf. Here, we plan on building a business that will finally make us rich and famous – behold Super Serious Company. We thought it wise to start by writing down our ten-, five-, and one-year goals.

We did long term goal setting and Santi and I are aligned in our visions of grandiose and eccentric lives, except my 10 year goal list has “Kids” and his 5 year goal list has “No Kids.”

Our weekly food budget is 60 euros each. I spent 46 euros today and I ate more than half my food already and I am panicking.

While I was making dinner, Santi inexplicably put his fuck playlist on the big jambox.

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