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Plot: Homeless guy and his boss quit jobs to blow their savings
on a failed app business in Portugal.

I remember late one night, back when we were working at Tinder, Neil and I went up to the rooftop of the corporate building that we'd learned to call home, and we were looking down at the little dots walking around Sunset Blvd, and I said you know what – fuck this. And Neil said well, what's your perfect life look like? And I told him that I wanted to wake up in a commune filled with my best friends and their families and paddle out for a surf before working on whatever company I had built. And he said well I want to wake up next to the love of my life and come downstairs with my dog to have a couple drinks at the bar in my crib and be famous. And we looked into each other's eyes and decided to quit. Flash forward two years and we are tired, jaded, and have sunk sixty thousand dollars of our personal wealth into a failed business. Just stay in school, kids.
It turns out that when the only overlap in your interests is vacation and a distaste for a 40 hour work week, you end up making 50 bucks in 10 months and quitting because it's not fun. Some regrets, but I'm glad we did it. Experimenting with VR games now, if you want to talk about that or you're interested in hiring me as a contractor on your iOS and/or Android app, I'm at neil@superserious.co

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