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Plot: Homeless guy and his boss quit jobs to blow their savings
on a failed app business in Portugal.

Dia Duzentos e cinquenta

I remember late one night, back when we were working at Tinder, Neil and I went up to the rooftop of the corporate building that we'd learned to call home, and we were looking down at the little dots walking around Sunset Blvd, and I said you know what – fuck this. And Neil said well, what's your perfect life look like? And I told him that I wanted to wake up in a commune filled with my best friends and their families and paddle out for a surf before working on whatever company I had built. And he said well I want to wake up next to the love of my life and come downstairs with my dog to have a couple drinks at the bar in my crib and be famous. And we looked into each other's eyes and decided to quit. Flash forward two years and we are tired, jaded, and have sunk sixty thousand dollars of our personal wealth into a failed business. Just stay in school, kids.
It turns out that when the only overlap in your interests is vacation and a distaste for a 40 hour work week, you end up making 50 bucks in 10 months and quitting because it's not fun. Some regrets, but I'm glad we did it. Experimenting with VR games now, if you want to talk about that or you're interested in hiring me as a contractor on your iOS and/or Android app, I'm at neil@superserious.co

Dia Duzentos e quatro

Feliz Páscoa mi amores. Today we celebrated by playing Egg Peg in real life with the egg cake our landlord gifted us (in Portugal they wrap an egg in a basket made of bread, kind of like a high school egg drop science project, so we tested it by dropping it off the roof of our three story building; the egg survived; I won four euros). Sorry for the hiatus I got lazy slash had to work for real.
Not even gonna try to summarize the last month. Yesterday we lost the legend Kevin David Crowe as his Schengen visit expired. We'll miss you, buddy. Also Egg Peg is the #11 puzzle game...in Seychelles.

Dia Cento e setenta e seis

Shark was aight. Octopus was mmmepic a per üsjshe. Severine came over for dinner, and we showed her the new version of the app, and it was way more promising this time; I think we fixed the onboarding problem. She said she would never pay for it though, so we might want to figure out an income model for this bêbê pretty soon. Surfed twice today.
Woke up at 3pm today and did the first set of unity 3d tutorials. It was a good day.

Dia Cento e setenta e quatro

Chocolate festival, annnnnnd it's gone; grocery budget's gone.
Just binged westworld holy shit

Dia Cento e sessenta e três

What a great day. Woke up, ate breakfast on the sunny balcony, surfed with Kevin, then surfed alone, then ran, then threw a tennis ball on the beach, then ate delicious tuna. Becca called it the "ideal day for a dog” and she is not wrong.
We went out to dinner with Inês and Severine last night and watched them play Egg Peg for the first time, and it was un desastre. But I actually think we went about it the right way: first, we got the core mechanic of the game right (and it is right); then, we observe; now, we know what to change and fix. The hackathon starts tonight, so we’ll probably tweak a bunch, do some onboarding, refine stuff like animations and graphics, make more levels, perhaps some marketing stuff… this is gonna be a fun one.

Dia Cento e setenta

We named it Egg Peg, and Neil laughed for like 20 minutes straight with tears in his eyes. I think maybe he used to peg people with eggs when he was a kid.
I think I found my calling.

Dia Cento e sessenta e nove

Wow, working on a game this weekend was really fun. Can't wait for apple to approve this so we can start getting people to playtest it.
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee(°ロ°)eeeehaw!!!!!!!!! Finally had a successful hackathon – built a simple little game in a weekend, and it’s actually catchy and fun and generally a good product. Also we bought two 1000-dollar surfboards even though we don’t have an income yet. (Yeee…)

Dia Cento e sessenta e sete

Tom’s juan of the Super Secret Advisors. He’s a photographer and storyteller based out of Leipzig, Germany (@drugstorekafka). We did some fun stuffs, and now he left, and now Neil and I are gonna build a game.
Knee deep in an android bug use this as my quote

Dia Cento e sessenta e seis

Mmmmmmmmkay….this is different. We’re adapting. The biggest issue is definitely the fact that we don’t have fuel (food) during the weekend hackathons; those are sort of the heartbeat of the whole company. I don’t know how we’re going to deal with that yet. Also there’s a room for rent at the HQ for the next month, so holla atcha boi if you’re feeling like leaving everything behind for a month and living on an island in Portugal. No? Kaman.
Had my first Artist Date today: I took myself to a nearby forest and foraged wild mushrooms. Then tonight we did our first product walk and it sounds like we might be working on a game this weekend!

Dia Cento e sessenta e cinco

Andrew J. Sauer (1990-2017) He was a good man, and though he will be missed, he will live on in the memories of those who loved him. Til we meet again, São, up in heaven… Ugh, I can feel it now. Walking in through the clouds with the beaming light, and seeing you. Seeing you running towards me. I – I can’t wait for you to hug me with those little hands up there. I love you, and Super Serious Company is forever better because of you.
Damn you Schengen laws. I had forgotten what a todo list looked like, and now my Reminders app has 14 items. We’ll miss you, São Pão.

Dia Cento e sessenta e quatro

Neil had a bunch of ideas going into this hackathon, and we boiled em down to the final three: Enemies, STFUnsubscribe, and Ops for Babies. We went with Ops for Babies, which is the STOAT (simplest tool of all time), literally made for babies, to spin up a server and run your code on it. I love it. Neil made all the product decisions and it’s the best product we’ve designed so far.
Well the first two days of this hackathon were spent meandering into dead ends, but we eventually settled on something pretty cool. Sadly, we didn't have enough time left in the weekend to ship.

Dia Cento e cinquenta e nove

This was the würst hackathon of all time; I think because we were uninspired knowing this would be our final Floats update. It feels good to be done with it, though, and onto something better. Something I wrote in an old notebook sums up why I’m cool with leaving this app behind: "In order to become wise again, one must often surrender the stability and the complacency and the comfort that have been earned in the distance thus traveled, must scrap the progress made, waste it all, and embark instead down an altogether different and truer path. And it is here, as a raw, wide-eyed child that a step of any importance has been taken.” Corndog supreme, but feels relevant.
Hrm, beginning to question our decision to attempt to hastily cram background location and two weeks of feedback into one release.

Dia Cento e cinquenta e oito

sexy rexy
Love that guy.

Dia Cento e cinquenta e sete

1: Set financial goals. 2: ???? 3: Profit!
We all just got back from our fatty vacashes and straight into a hackathon. I think this will be our last hackathon working on Floats (RIP), so we’re trying to make it something we can still use after ceasing development. Anyways, it still feels like we’re so far away from having a good product, even more so from making any money whatsoever. With Sauer’s departure around the corner, he decided to take matters into his own tiny little hands.

Sauer and I tagged all the airport bathrooms with @superseriouscompany in all the cities we visited today, because Sauer said he wanted to experiment with guerrilla hashtag marketing. We drew cute little cartoons so the cleaning people wouldn't get too peesed. Anyways it's been a lawnnnng day: Madrid -> Lisbon -> London -> Reykjavik. Also, just spoke to a random ex-heroin addict for like an hour about existentialism, solitude, meaning of life, and death.
The day after my plane landed and I slept 12 glorious jetlagged hours, I awoke to Becca finding out she had a snowday and work was cancelled. I love snowdays. Also I fixed some urgent stuff on floats so we can start using it.

Dia Cento e quarenta e quatro

This is fine all floats and messages are in memory and android is showing a white screen everything is fine hackathon lifestyle is great everything is great.
Right… submitting a monster update to all our users at 4am without testing, then leaving on vacation the next morning right, right. Oops. Now none of our users can use the app, and so we’re spending half of 24hrs in Madrid trying to figure out what dé fuck is causing this bug, and Neil is sacrificing his night in Lisboa to try and push fix. Vat have ve done!¡!¡!

Dia Cento e quarenta e três

A whole weekend of sleep deprivation gots my organs stingin’ n poundin’, but we’ve reached vacashe; thank Poseidon. Saupow and I are off to Madrid to visit Valentina.
I'm at Home™ hostel and happy about the update but also maybe there are bugs?

Dia Cento e trinta e nove

Since the cartoon last night I have redesigned the entire floats app while high, gone to sleep, made breakfast, showed the redesign to Kevin, and thrown out the redesign.
!!!! The GNR blocked the island off with tape and everything; it was fucking wild. Anyways it's backed off now, and the HQ is still intact. Gearing up for this weekend's hackathon, which I'm personally stoked af for.

Dia Cento e trinta e oito

Access to the island got shut down because of a code red swell monster that hit the coast today. It was insane. Anyways we’re holding down the fort and it’s Kevin’s birthday. Check him out at kevindavidcrowe.com muchos besos <33
Happy 30th birthday, Kevin David Crowe!

Dia Cente e trinte e sete

So the way we’re doing it is: we work on an idea for four hackathons straight; if at the end of that month we want to keep working on the app, its lifeline gets extended two weeks; otherwise, we savagely leave the lil guy behind and work on an altogether new app idea for the next month, etc. Anyways, with just a few more days before making the decision, we kicked it into high gear and got a bunch of people on the app all over the world, and now I’m stressin, because the app isn’t even done, and all these poor people are experiencing bugs. But it’s good. We’re getting so much guiding feedback on everything. Thanks to everyone who downloaded it <333
I am loving this rhythm of weekend hackathon, week off. We’ve made good progress on floats and I’m administering copious self care for the first time, well, ever. I know we’re doing the right thing by putting floats out while it’s still embarassing to us, but it’s taking a lot of self discipline not to open Atom and try to fix everything right now.

Dia Cento e trinta e seis

Despite my being glued to twitter, we had our best hackathon weekend yet, and we got some people to actually use the thing we made. The momentum briefly helped dull the feelings of dread, insignificance and powerlessness that have otherwise consumed my daily thoughts.
We're finally moving, but holy shit I need to sleep; I didn't even realize Monday happened yesterday. I just FaceTimed with my mom as I drew the toonski, and she says I've aged ten years, so yea I need to start sleeping.

Dia Cento e trinta e uma

I surfed in the rain for three hours, getting out, sprinting along the beach to other spots; it was all so friggen good – light offshore wind, solid long period swell, no one in the water. Then went on a run and chased a couple rock-throwing dickbags into the cornfields. Then came home for our commune dinner. We now have two local friends and everyone in the house on our Floats app, so we’re getting to use it for the first time.
I ate three crêpes at dinner tonight and now Kevin and Sauer are having a little guitar jam and this sugar rush has me freestyling lyrics to landslide by fleetwood mac.

Dia Cento e trinta

We got hit with a bunch of tickets amounting to €750, which shortens our financial runway for the company a lil bit. We got into a discussion because (ironically) Neil likes to obey the law and pay tickets and stuff. Anyways we don't have a car again so we're back to biking, which means no more Supertubos :,(
Welp, the day started with me getting pulled over and progressed into a nice hourlong blackout and then a disappointing dinner at what was supposed to be the best restaurant in Peniche. Good thing this was only one of 5 weekend days.

Dia Cento e vinte e nove

We went to a zen buddhist garden today and Sauer guided a meditation focusing on a babbling brook. It didn't work on me tho bc I've been spending a lot of time on twitter and my mind kept wandering back to how America is now a dystopian wasteland of doublespeak hell-bent on destroying the environment, women's rights and net neutrality.
Haha it was my turn to cook, and I used way too much hot mayo. It’s late now, and you can still hear groans, gasses, and curses coming from all bedrooms of Super Serious HQ.

Dia Cento e dezessete

Aight toons are back (thanks to drug mule Kevin David Crowe, juan of our new housemates)!!! Neil demanded I make a toon that included all the major happenings of the last ~20 days, so here it is. Mind the symbolism – like, say, the broken chocolate croissant on the floor, a passionate metaphor for my quitting of bread and pastries. <333
Whoa, yeah, I guess a ton of shit has happened in the last two weeks. Now that we have real internet and Kevin David Crowe this place is really starting to feel like home.

Dia Cento e dezesseis

After two months of living here I finally realized I can use the window shutters as blackout curtains. So it may not just be the cartoons that are hibernating.
Following a week of unanswered emails and getting put on hold for half an hour, I finally got a poor customer service rep and unleashed my fury. It might be a while until I get a replacement tablet for the toons :,( Progress report, though: we’re currently working on an app where you can see which of your friends are nearby and something about merging messages together. Also, if our mom’s are reading this, don’t worry; we’re safe, and the gnar is still being shred daily.

Dia Cento e quinze

Travel day followed by the now all too common recovery movie night. I'm actually looking forward to going dry in a week. Plus starting work again tomorrow.
Sweet baby Jesus – so hungover hoje. Every time I go out like that, I wake up feeling the need to reevaluate my whole life, aggressively pursue what matters, cut out the crap, etc. Felt that bigtime while driving back down the coast, Echo & the Bunnymen’s “What Are You Going To Do With Your Life?” playing all too appropriately in the background.

Dia Cento e quatorze

Can’t write quote love you
Feliz ano

Dia Cento e treze

Welp thought my flight was Saturday then Santi slacked me asking when I was gonna check in to the Porto airbnb tomorrow. Way to blow my cover now I have no excuse when I miss my flight tomorrow.
Epic roadtrip through the Portuguese countryside, and when we finally got here, Neil was the mhoat (most hangover of all time).

Dia Cento e doze

My mom surprised me today with an elaborately planned dinner that I was led to by my friends here in Lisbon. I miss her so much.
Are three heart to hearts with family members a triple double? Ya boi is on fire out here.

Dia Cente e onze

Ahhh scored a solo sesh at Secret, 6-8ft glassy peelers, not a soul in sight, then headed down to Lisbon, botched a date real quick, now I’m here with Helen and Valentina eating chocolate and sipping on red wine.
Had a full fledged recovery day in London today, I don't think I would survive a full 12 days of christmas.

Dia Cento e dez

Today, Saupow left me for Ireland, and Neil already left me for England, so it’s back to tanning nakies on the balcony.
Went on a 5 hour hike slash pub crawl w the english fam and took a selfie w an actual cow, she was displeased.

Dia Cento e nove

Had a delightful Christmas w my English relatives. I played QUIZ on a triple letter score for 42 points in scrabble so I'm now part of the royal family, if u need to send me packages send them to King Neil c/o Buckingham Palace, thanks.
Feliz Natal mi amores

Dia Cento e oito

Sauer keeps beating me at chess and I'm being VERY cool about it not freaking out internally at all.
We woke up early this morning and went to o mercado to get fresh veggies, fruits, and tiger prawns. Then after delivering goodie baskets to our friends of Baleal and shredding gnar at Supertubos, we headed over to a closed down Surfers Lodge to cook a big ole feast in the kitchen with John and Annie. – Santi Claus.

Dia Cento e sete

Sauerpower’s here to ensure productivity and efficiency, as well as videotape the story of our budding business. Since his arrival, goals have gone up on the wall, trello boards have gotten spun up, meditation sessions have become a daily occurrence, cooking has become communal, and I have been forced to report my progress every hour on the hour like a goddamn child godammit. Anyways, things are looking a lot more hopeful now.
Welcome aboard, Ção Pão. My fave thing so far was sitting on a lighthouse in Olhão with our legs dangling over the ocean while you told us that you wanted to visit the moon and win the Nobel Peace Prize.

Dia Cento e seis

It's a christmas miracle.
Yeehaw! A lot of stuff has happened in the last couple weeks. I’ll be posting cartoons of the highlights retroactively in the next few days, so you beautiful peoples don’t miss any of the action.

Dia Oitenta e cinco

Worked in a cat cafe all day; they love me there.
Welp, accidentally put our aws credentials on github for, like, two seconds. When I opened up the aws console someone had charged $800 to our account to spin up 160 c8.xl instances to mine bitcoin. -_-

Dia Oitenta e quatro

Trying to troll LinkedIn with our job titles, since everyone’s brown-nosing up a storm in there. Some solid ones: “Director of Cheespuffs I tell the cheesepuffs what to do at Super Serious Company” and “Mr. Executive Head of International Product Design Designer” and “We’re All Gonna Die This Title Doesn’t Matter Anyway at Super Serious Company”. We also worked today – promise –, then got drunk off mulled wine in Ljubljana though.
We started checking in on video every morning (3-4pm) and it's helped my sanity. Currently infrastructure shopping between AWS, Google Cloud and DigitalOcean. Takeaways so far: ruby port is inferior to tawny port and mirepoix is delicious on its own.

Dia Oitenta e três

Damn – Austrian countryside at dawn – damn. I spent all the train rides designing screens for the chat, call, and meetup features of the next app. I used photos of Neil, Valentina, Milly, Sauer, and Lucitas, a.k.a. the baby tuna, for the mockups (if you guys are reading this, whatup and thanks; you’re so hot right meow). Anyways now I’m chillin in Slovenia, in a town called Bled. <3
Ahhh, slept 12 hours after wrapping up Giggles development. Santi comes back in four days so I’m gonna have to scramble to hide any trace of Cheetos or this 5L box of wine.

Dia Oitenta e dois

Damn that single cup of coffee I drank at noon. Went to bed at 7am after submitting new iOS and Android builds. One more day of backend work and then it’s time for us to actually market this bad boy. Also Sonia dropped off the heater today \m/
Skyped it up with Sauerkraut and Neil the Peel today to plan some stuff out. Neil’s spending the next seven days building a custom dev ops suite for Super Serious. He wants to be able to easily load test, hit a panic button that mitigates user-facing shit if/when our servers get slammed, view centralized logging from his phone, scale our shit from his phone, etc. I showed them a sneak peak at the designs I’m working on. Sauer gave us the latest report on his purchases for our video/sound production stuff. Pretty stoked for when the trio packs into the house and gets to crankin’.

Dia Oitenta e um

Gave the design a hüge push – five new screens almost done. Spent 4 hours at a cafe, 4 hours in a train, 3 hours in some winter cabin deep in the Austrian forest. It’s dark and cozy out here, and I love it. Sounds like Neil released an iOS update and an Android update and pretty much code-raged all day.
At around 10pm, the server at Surfer’s Lodge asked me if I eat anything or if I’m a machine. I was like look we gotta show people we’re not just running a travel blog here and I will take a Caesar Salad with Smoked Salmon and a Negroni thank you.

Dia Oitenta

Today was güd. I sat all day in a bookstore cafe, paging through all the nonsensical mad-scientist notes I’ve been scribbling on planes and trains the last couple weeks. The idea’s solid now, and so I started designing the app’s main page on Sketch. Once done, I bundled up and walked over to the nearest night market for some mulled wine, then went and sat with a bunch of rich old farts in a beautiful gold concert hall here in Vienna to listen to two hours of ma boi Wolfgang Amadeus. Needless to say, I was the only juan in a t-shirt.
Started the day depressed. You know, where doing anything — like shaving or laundry or working on giggles or calling chase/verizon/customs or getting up to prep mirepoix — somehow seems both impossible and irrelevant. After talking to Santi around 4pm I decided to get out of bed and at least tidy up the house. Now I’m feeling better, clean shaven, admiring three tupperware containers full of mirepoix.

Dia Setenta e nove

Low on sleep and kinda grumpy, I decided to go lone wolf today, mi favorito way to explore a big city. I’m in Austria, and there’s real magic in this place. Record stores, architecture, cafes, romance – it speaks to the Latin élover in me.
Santi’s using this cartoon to guilt me into getting back to work instead of eating shoestring potatoes in bed while binge watching Brooklyn 99.

Dia Setenta e oito

Spent Thanksgiving at surfer’s lodge with Chris and Jaclyn. There was dinner, there was Lagavulin, there was port, and there was healthy political debate. I’m glad I biked through the rain for a Thanksgiving with all the trimmings.
Something about fourteen thousand dollars being gone?

Dia Setenta e sete

Rode back home in a taxi with 4 kilos of two-for-one cooked shrimp feeling like a goddamn champion annnnnnd the whole island is deserted.
I arrived at Luzern today, and on my way I had such inspiración. Maybe it was the crystal blue lakes, or maybe it was the steady rattle of the tracks. I came up with a design that killed like fifty birds with one elegant stone. To celebrate, spent 78 Swiss Franks (-__-) on a gondola trip to the top of Mt. Pilatus. It was beautiful. Also, Poké Party for iOS launched today – yeehaw!

Dia Setenta e seis

I finally went in and saw a cardiologist about the chest pains and numb limbs. I got to see my heart pumping in real time, which was fricken sweet. Even more sweet is that my heart’s totally fine, and the chest pain is probably something else (who knows what it is; whatever – as long as it’s not heart-related). Other than that, – yea – been eating a lot of chocolate and having a good time. In the last twenty-four hours, I’ve had to communicate using English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian; Zürich’s crazy like that.
Back in Paris for one night. This strip of the Marais is starting to feel like home. Tomorrow I'm back in Baleal to hold down the fort.

Dia Setenta e cinco

Currently in Switzerland, and I can say with confidence that working while traveling is definitely the move. I spent the night designing the Poké Party website from a dark, candlelit bar, with a drink called “The Godfather” at my side. Once I finished and sent the Sketch file off to Braydon, I walked the streets of Zürich, found a shiny gold chocolate shop, gained ten pounds real quick, and now I’m laying here content af. I want to live like this forever.
Been video chatting with Sauer for the last hour while polishing off this bottle of chianti. Can't wait til we're all back in the "office"

Dia Setenta e quatro

Welp, Becca went back home today. I’m sleeping in her indentation, watching Netflix, and eating the leftover pastries.
Plus side – maybe this means push notifications are finally going to get implemented?

Dia Setenta e três

Today I ate a delicious tiny fruit from the Sicilian market. My repeated googling to identify it has been fruitless.
Uber’s public-score-affecting review system helps empower riders and drivers alike and provides a sense of security in viewing someone’s average score; it also allows you share your ride with a friend (GPS tracking). In addition to reviews, Airbnb has a fairly involved verification system, collecting user information like Facebook profiles, Google profiles, email addresses, photographs of government-issued identification, etc. For our app, I’m thinking we’ll adapt these safety features and add some others like stuff with back-facing camera, a modern-day eject button, easy bailing, and meeting in public places.

Dia Setenta e dois

I was full for the entire day today because I ate a gelato brioche sandwich for breakfast.
It’s interesting; working in a fixed place, with partners and a routine, seems to be great for executing, but working while traveling through the countryside is really letting my ideas take shape. It feels like I can really explore ideas and solve core product problems out here. I’m thinking Super Serious Company is going to have a culture of coming in to crank and going out to get some dank – dank ideas, that is.

Dia Setenta e um

Tinder solved the cold-start problem by requiring students to download the app in order to get into college parties, creating a hyper-local density of social 18-22 year-olds that then went home over the holidays and spread the app like a virus. Facebook solved it by restricting the service to students who had @harvard.edu email addresses, then @columbia.edu, then @nyc.edu, etc., conquering verticals before opening it up to the general public. Instagram solved it by providing users with filters and allowing them to easily publish their photos to Facebook, linking viewers back to Instagram. So, I’ve been exploring how to solve it for our app. I’ve come up with invitation and publishing features that make it easily “spreadable” as well as single-user utilities that make the app useful regardless of whether there are other existing users nearby. This is an app for meeting nearby people spontaneously, so it’s important we solve this.
After touring the Sistine Chapel and the Raphael Rooms, we ate first dinner. Then we ate second dinner. Then we *tried* to get third dinner, but our Cacio e Pepe place had just closed. Full of 2001 Barolo and truffle ravioli, I realized that Super Serious Company needs to figure out how to make money because gluttony vacations are fun as hell.

Dia Setenta

Yesterday while waiting for Emma Pizza to open, we accidentally wandered into the pantheon and accidentally bumped into the grave of Raphael. The historical density of this city is unparalleled.
A lay day for both of us; I guess it’s good to let the dust settle sometimes. Tomorrow, I start back up on designing the next app.

Dia Sessenta e nove

Daddy just got to Italy. Refactored our budget spreadsheet on the plane to account for a third person and to show high level runway information more clearly.
Bought a furry jacket today.

Dia Sessenta e oito

Right, right, right…citizenship. Hm – well, there’s always the play stupid option (“What seems to be the problem, osiffer?”, “What seems to be the officer, problem?”, etc.), but if that doesn’t work, welcome to the Family de Garz, Sauer.
I just met Alain Passard at Arpège and my phone buzzed with Santi asking me for a quote and this is all he's getting

Dia Sessenta e sete

The U.K. power adapter from the hotel ended up in my backpack somehow ಠ_ಠ haha anyways… I woke up inspired and tapped out a novel’s-worth of ideas for the next app into the Notes app on my phone, so much so that I overshot the tube stop by like thirty minutes. Noob status. But yea I’m pretty excited about this next idea. Then I spent the rest of my day making last-minute design changes to the soon-to-be-submitted Poké Party app that I’m working on with my friend Braydon. Now I’m going ice skating – tee hee!
Paris tastes great.

Dia Sessenta e sete

Second time in Paris this month: went to La Favorite for my fave steak tartare, La Cidrerie du Marais for my fave crepe, and The Pure Malt for my fave bar to be a regular at. The two major takeaways that have settled in from the last 24 hours: 1) some people seem to actually care about our story rn 2) our story doesn’t mean shit until we ship a good app.
While on the airplane today, I pitched my entire row a couple of ideas I’ve been thinking of, and ended up striking the best airplane conversation I’ve ever had. Also I’m running out of battery and don’t have a U.K. power converter, so the story stops there.

Dia Sessenta e cinco

Seven years ago, I forged badges to the Web 2.0 conference in New York and watched Gary Vaynerchuk give a keynote speech from the back row of the auditorium. Today, we skipped badges to the Web Summit in Lisbon and watched Gary Vaynerchuk give a keynote speech from the back row of Facebook live. After the last keynote, I got a job as the 6th employee at VaynerMedia. After this one, we caught Gary with a rare 5 minute window at the Lisbon airport. He promoted our Instagram in front of his cameraman while asking how my sister was doing. As our Instagram following quintupled, we convinced Andrew Sauer on a 7am PST video chat to come and film our reality show in Portugal in exchange for a roof, an ocean view, and an iPhone 6s. He said yes. Welcome aboard, Sauer.
Gary’s big on documenting absolutely every aspect of his life; I think that’s why he dug the daily cartoon idea. He suggested we get someone to film everything we do; we said we couldn’t afford that at the moment, so he suggested we write “Looking for interns” in the comments of our posts. But Sauer beat ‘em to it. We woke him up at 6:30am his time and told him to get on a one-way flight to Portugal. Welcome to the team, amigo.

Dia Sessenta e quatro

Neil and I found a dim sum place (fuck cheaaa) and had an unexpectedly profound and pivotal conversation about a life of fear vs. a life of fearlessness. And it went deep; we spoke of everything from our miniature wieners to failure to the fear of fear itself. Then we almost got hit by a truck real quick. Then we had the best night ever.
If the Lisbon Web Summit is Mario 1, we just ducked into the warp zone pipe. A two month old startup with no badges hanging at the Ritz and getting advice on ideation from some of the best in the business: the creator and the head of product of Tinder. Cheers, Sean and Brian.

Dia Sessenta e três

I was peeing sitting down this morning (I do that when I want to chill), real sleepy-eyed, still kinda half-dreaming, and I had the door open (I do that when I want to be able to chat with Neil), and I was sitting there stoked for Hillary, because she had obviously won by a landslide, and I was like, “Dude, what time’s our meeting again?” And Neil, in his bed, eyes still closed, mutters, “He won.” And I smiled smugly, because I knew it meant I was still dreaming – silly subconscious.
It feels inconsequential and self centered to talk about our lives today. Some major stuff happened for me but we can get to it later. My heart is with y’all.

Dia Sessenta e dois

We had another uncomfy convo last night that evolved into positive progress and breaking down walls. Starting to feel the vibes. Today we leave Baleal for a two week European trip.
We goneskis ༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽

Dia Sessenta e um

Neil and I have been shootin’ the shit about why people do or don’t post certain types of content on social media (neither of us likes to post on Facebook and the like). Disorganized, but here: there are reasons you might not post a certain photo, and those reasons might be social or personal or whatever; you might not want to look like you’re trying; you might feel a sort of “no one gives a shit about it anyway”; you might not want people to think you’re looking for attention or validation or human interaction or praise or whatever. But then think about a longstanding group chat you’ve had with your very best friends and think about how easily and effortlessly you’ll post a photo there. Think about the kind of interaction it gets from your friends; it’s way more fun.
A morning slack discussion about Vine shutting down turned into me baring my soul. We talked about how I overcame suicidal thoughts as a kid by learning to be funny. We talked about how my burning desire to be good at comedy as an art form is matched only by my feeling of hopelessness at ever doing so. At one point Santi offhandedly said "making people laugh is an art and you are good at it" and I am going to secretly cherish this affirmation for months. Later, all of my hanging underwear blew over the fence and into the neighbors backyard.

Dia Sessenta

Woke up this morning feeling close to a milestone so I pulled out my secret weapon: a tiny 3 oz cup of coffee. Sure enough, we submitted the Android app and the iOS update. And now it’s 4am and I will be unable to sleep for hours.
Fuck chea – things are looking *toight* on both platforms. It looks like we’ll have time to do some of the nice-to-haves.

Dia Cinquenta e nove

Yea – hm – I’ve been dealing with some shit and got really overwhelmed. When I was laying at the bottom of the stairs soaked and bruised up, I finally closed my eyes, said enough, and asked Neil to help me work through this stuff. He helped a lot (understatement), and I finally got a full night’s rest and woke up feeling better. In other news, we’ve been having really awesome dinner chats about the upcoming product. Considering it’s geo-based, it’s kind of exciting to know our testing grounds are in a sparsely populated area; if it works here, some version of it’ll probably work anywhere.
The era of communal spices ended tonight with a spice draft. Later in the evening Santi asked for help with an anxiety spiral. I mainly just talked about how the prospect of death fills me with relief instead of worry. Then I made fun of him for worrying that taking anti-anxiety pills would make him more anxious. It seemed to work.

Dia Cinquenta e oito

I confronted Santi about his work ethic in a non-managerial way, and it resulted in an energizing conversation about the mission of the company. It is possible that during this interaction, I cooked and consumed rotten octopus.
Seeing a doctor in Lisbon today. It’s a trek, but I’m starting to worry, considering the heart issues haven’t subsided since they showed up over a month ago. Also, Neil and I finally spoke about products and problem spaces that I find impactful: things like minimizing the time between loneliness/isolation and discovering “your people” in any given place. The brainstorm sesh came as a result of Neil pretty much saying I’m not working hard enough (I agree), and I pretty much saying I’m bored with the work we’re doing. I’m going to charge at Giggles for the next couple of days to finish up the design tweaks and get users onboard, then start focusing on designing a product I believe in, all while Neil hacks on Giggles’ Android version, the backend, and logging/monitoring.

Dia Cinquenta e sete

Santi moved the cartoon to the mornings. I just woke up. Had a dream about an app that replaced traditional AA meetings.
Had my first session with my Portuguese tutor this morning. The plan is to do normal daily things together, and she’ll teach me all the words in that setting (grocery store shopping, coffee shops, beach, etc). The first session taught me more than I’ve learned in the month and a half I’ve been here, so I think this is the move.

Dia Cinquenta e seis

It’s good to be back. Tonight we decided that tomorrow we’ll start a ten day sprint to clean up Giggles before we move on to the next project.
We had one of our first-ever uncomfortable discussions tonight. We disagreed on what to do with Giggles on its last ten days of development, and it turned into a conversation about how we always disagree about what to build and end up compromising. I think it left a bad feeling. It’s just that a little part of me wants to take Super Serious Company seriously (ironically), and that sort of goes against everything we’ve stood for up until now. I just want to build something epic – y’know? –, but yea that feels a bit like a trap at this stage. I’ll have to sleep on it.

Dia Cinquenta e cinco

Today I got in to Lisboa a few minutes too late for the last bus to Peniche for the day. Oh well, I guess the vacation is extended one more day.
Ahhhh – Neil’s not here, so daddy’s got the place allllll to himself. This morning, I woke up, poured myself a hot cup of coffee, and sipped on it buck-ass naked atop our ocean-facing balcony. It doesn’t get much better than this. In other news, it seems my friends are all out getting married and engaged all of a sudden, and I think it’s freaking out my subconscious: I went out for a surf at sunset, and a beautiful wave approached, and I accidentally whispered “I do” before paddling for it.

Dia Cinquenta e quatro

I’ve eaten more rich delicious food and drunk all of the wine in France but I can’t wait to get back to the austerity and quiet focus of my Portuguese desk.
Encontrei-me com a meu amiga Katerina em um café perto de sua escola aqui em Paris. Ela é badass, uma poliglota brasileira atualmente aprendendo seu quinta língua: árabe. Me inspirou.

Dia Cinquenta e três

Today, we agreed we’re going to split up the leadership in order to play to our strengths: I’ll be leading “ideation”, and Neil will be leading “implementation”. Sounds lame, but it feels like a critical change; up until this point, we had both been sort of compromising in each department. Also, all-you-can-eat brunch, mothafuckasss!
Santi and I crossed paths at the Picasso museum. He convinced me to go work, I convinced him to do it at a Parisian café instead of Starbucks. While Neil leisurely indulged in a few glasses of Bordeaux and a tartare de boeuf, Santi uncomfortably sipped pineapple juice under a heat lamp.

Dia Cinquenta e dois

I was going to write about strategies for achieving fluency in a new language or about the planetarium show, but daddy’s feeling a bit tips and is going to just go to sreepies instead. Bonne nuit ma petit étoile de mer.
Today I went to a salon my friend recommended. They didn’t speak any english, so I showed them an iPhone photo I had saved of the Double Dragon SNES cover. They laughed at me a lot and then cut my hair and now I look like a dweeb.

Dia Cinquenta e um

I’ve felt like a hapless foreigner since I got here because of the lack of quality public internet. After dinner at L’Entrecôte, I finally found a 5mb download connection at Les Deux Magots. It’s a touristy street-side cafe that boasts the former patronage of Hemingway with a small, saccharine rum drink for 14 euros. 5mb down though, and I’m a goddamn sucker for Hemingway. I’ll be there with my laptop all day tomorrow.
Got like twenty texts today from Neil panicking about the wifi here. He doesn’t do well with <20Mbps. Anyways, we’re working on Santi and Neil pages for the website.

Dia Cinquenta

This morning, I said goodbye to Neil and left to Paris. Got a text as I landed that Neil was boarding on his way to Paris ಠ_ಠ haha epic. Anyways, I had a pretty excellent day. I walked out into the city with nothing to do and ended up at the Palais de Tokyo museum. It turns out they were showing the most bizarre exhibit of all time (Tino Sehgal), where people would come up to you and treat you all sorts of ways. At one point, I was roaming, and I walked down a dark hall, and it got darker and darker until I couldn’t see anymore, so I had to feel around with my hands, and then I smelled it – human, lots of it, like the smell of a million groins. And I realized that, though I couldn’t see a thing, I was surrounded by people sweating very profusely in absolute steamy silence. I just stood there for a minute, and then they all started making strange noises and dancing around me. But it was great; I had some of the most immediately meaningful conversations of all time in there with a bunch of strangers, and ended up staying well after they closed, talking to some of the artists. We talked about Namibia, death, progress/meaning, loneliness, everything; it was nuts. Anyways, when I got out, it was nighttime, so I went to a Thai restaurant and got a shrimp pad thai to go, and opened it up under the Eiffel Tower. When I was done, I walked along the river for an hour and finally meandered the streets back home. It was the perfect one-man mission.
I walked up to every ticket counter in the Lisbon airport and eventually scored a flight to Paris. Couldn’t stop grinning on the flight. Dinner was beef tartare, frites, and 50cl of red. I sat and contemplated the nature of my loneliness, past and present.

Dia Quarenta e nove

We put a janky last minute terms page up and ya boi is gonna submit this to apple by any means necessary.
We realized at like 3am last night that we need to include a terms of service in addition to the privacy policy. We also needed to include user reporting for objectionable content (for images and audio). We set up shop on the bus to Lisbon and designed and hacked it up. Now we submittin’

Dia Quarenta e oito

I didn’t sleep much last night, because my heart was pounding hard and irregularly while I was laying in bed – super sketch. I’m going to try and find a doc here in Portugal to make sure nothing’s up. Anyways, the first version of this app is finally ready for submitting; lil guy took a bit longer than expected.
Today I tried to cook fresh octopus. The results were…unspectacular.

Dia Quarenta e sete

I napped til 3pm and then we watched some of the best surfers in the world riding giant waves. Tomorrow’s going to be a big day: I’m gonna try out the tips I got from the local restaurant on cooking octopus and I feel confident we’ll submit the iOS app.
Poseidon wasn’t elfin around this morning; Surfline was reporting it at 15-18ft, occasional 22ft. It took me half an hour to paddle out to the reef, and when I finally scratched into the first bomb, it felt like I was never going to reach the bottom. Caught a couple more before suffering a few nasty hold-downs and calling it.

Dia Quarenta e seis

Another Sunday, another unexpected deep cry in bed. This time it was episode 4 of this season of black mirror on netflix. Why is media making me cry all of a sudden? The prime suspect in this mystery is wine.
Alright this weekend we went to seafood restaurants instead of cooking at home, and it feels bad because there’s a toight budget to keep, but I think it was necessary. We opened up conversationally and emotionally around things that were blocking us like fears and defense mechanisms. A lot about how the company is operating and why we’re doing stuff changed in the last couple of days, and it feels like we’re finally hitting our stride. This is the best work we’ve done since we got to Portugal, and it’s exciting, sort of how I pictured starting a company with Neil would be like. Creative juices are flowing and we’re thinking much smarter on a macro level.

Dia Quarenta e cinco

Today, we each pretended responsibilities didn’t exist and just did whatever we wanted to, so: ignored “the schedule”, etc.. Turns out we both did some of our best work today. It also turns out that we both think the app we’ve been working on is shit and came from a place of fear. So, anyways, we went out tonight and talked and have agreed that we’re going to stop being timid and small with our apps and start building things we actually think are good ideas, even if they’re a bit more intimidating for a dev team of two. Shout-out to Braydon for having planted the seed for that conversation; it seems to have made a big difference in our direction and energy.
We talked about a lot of shit tonight and I think I get it. We gotta start giving a fuck before anyone else will.

Dia Quarenta e quatro

Worked on the website today for a few hours, didn’t ship anything. Feels pretty shitty. Gonna punt, get a lot of sleep, and start fresh tomorrow.
This whole one-day-hackatho-on-an-old-project immediately after a six-day hackathon thing needs to be reconsidered...

Dia Quarenta e três

We missed it again, but goddamn this is the dream. Shredding pink sunset gnar with friends, then coming back to tears-in-my-eyes laughter all night as we code this piece of shit – these are some of the best times of my life.
Today we paddled out and the peaks were pumping and I shredded some gnarski, am I saying all of that right? When we got back I fixed a dozen bugs, starting to feel confident that we’ll actually submit this weekend.

Dia Quarenta e dois

Today marked our first merged PR. Santi cleaned up most of the visuals and we’re one whiteboard bug list away from iOS submission. Even more impressively, I cut and portioned veggies into tupperware and convincingly filleted a sea bream.
Second 3am night in a rowski. We’re actual fairly close to being able to submit, but I have a feeling tomorrow’s going to be another late night. It feels fun though, because it’s our stuff. This would blow if it were freelance work or something.

Dia Quarenta e um

Just had the best day ever. Current feels: Hoku’s self-titled 2000 album.
God damn, this is a lot of work. I really hope we can submit tomorrow but there’s lots of rough edges still. I blew 14 euro today on a whole fresh octopus that I’m unsure how to prepare.

Dia Quarenta

Daddy got a little too deep into the port last night and had to spend most of the day sleeping off a hangover. On the plus side, I caught up on the show Atlanta and ate delicious braised octopus at the local restaurant.
When I got home tonight, there were three empty bottles of wine and two empty bottles of port beside the kitchen trash can. A few minutes later, Neil emerged from his room in his purple “Saxx” underwear and a t-shirt to talk product. All in all, it feels good to be home.

Dia Trinte e nove

While iOS bugfixing in bed this morning I got the urge to watch T-Pain’s NPR tinydesk concert on youtube. I watched the whole thing start to finish for the first time. Inexplicably, I had tears streaming down my face when I cmd+tabbed back to work.
I write this post with care, as it may be my last, for I fear I may explode if someone surprises me with a tickle. This has been the absolute most obese weekend of my life. I can barely move. If and when I get back tomorrow, I’m going to walk straight into the confessional booth of the town chapel and let the big dog know what happened. Gonna let him know about the Nutella-drenched waffle with the scoops of Ferrero Rocher ice cream on top; gonna let him know about how I bought a four-pack of Kinder Surprises as a gift and ate them all before they got to the intended recipients. Gonna let him know about the fish and chips and the pad thai and the shakshouka. Gonna let him know about the cherry tart. And I’m going to ask him for forgiveness, for I have éseened.

Dia Trinte e oito

At dinner, the chicas and I were trying to decide what to put on our tombstones. I’m going to go with “You can't see me, but I see you.” Anyways yea I gotta get back to twerk; we’re not even internet famous yet.
Pokeradar money hits Monday so I went on an unscheduled celebration. I’ve been at Surfer’s lodge all day. Currently six negronis deep, full of lox and vanilla ice cream, rewriting our website infrastructure from scratch.

Dia Trinta e Sete

Haha turns out a bunch of people thought yesterday's cartoon meant Super Serious had broken up. Anyways, hit the Tate Modern this morning for some design inspiración.
Working on the website today made me realize that if you’re reading this, I want to talk to you. Focus is good, isolation is bad, and we can’t do this shit alone. While we’re painstakingly drawing up specs on a whiteboard, our a-ha moment is probably sitting in one of your heads, waiting to be flippantly uttered in the middle of an unrelated conversation. We’re going to add a calendar soon but in the meantime just hit one of us up and we’ll video chat.

Dia Trinta e seis


They have Whole Foods here. Currently sipping on a himematsutake, shiitake, turkey tail, cordyceps, maitake, and reishi mushroom blend. I wonder what Neil’s up to…

Santi has been gone for under 12 hours and I already have a mustache.

Dia Trina e cinco


We had an offsite meeting of sorts at Surfer’s lodge. In analyzing our pace and schedule thus far, Santi saw room for improvement. He suggested that we replace our 7-11 four core work hours with one “non-work-related” hour. I agreed.

I’m fairly certain I have anemia. I have all the symptoms. I emergency-walked to the grocery store tonight and pounded a whole bag of sunflower seeds; that’s about 300% the suggested daily intake of iron. Didn’t help.

Dia Trinta e quatro


There’s this really beautiful archipelago/peninsula situation in our backyard, towards the tip of the island (you can check it out if you Google “Ilhota das Pombas”). Anyways, today, during a super low tide, I finally crossed over to the second rock slab island and climbed it. I’d been eyeing it for a while, and it looked doable. Welp – turns out it’s sketchy as fuck. Anyways, when I got home, Neil was slaying a fish.

The bulk of my day was prepping veggies for the week’s cooking. It took 3 hours. I also gutted a fish. Got real deep in the Android debugger and discovered an issue with React Native and Android Nougat. There’s a leak in our roof.

Dia Trinta e três


This week I decided to go with fresh fish instead of tinned sardines. Did you know it’s actually cheaper? So, like, in Juicy when Biggie says “born sinner, the opposite of a winner, remember when I used to eat sardines for dinner.” He could have been eating fresh sea bream AND saving money. Such a tragedy.

Today I video-chatted with my mom and dad using the forward-facing camera as I was biking to the town’s grocery store. The santi cam. Also, we’re thinking about putting together a super serious group of five people to be users 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 of all our apps. They’d be the core crew who would play with the apps and seed them with funny content or whatever before they get released.

Dia Trinta e dois


It’s fucking sweet to see what Neil’s capable of. The guy’s a monster. Any technical problem – he’ll put his headphones on and just crank; then, a few moments later, the whole thing’s built. I’m realizing that, if I had tried to do something like this solo, I wouldn’t have made it. What he has is raw intelligence, steady focus, over a decade of experience, and the ability to problem solve his way out of anything in record time. Por ejemplo, right now, he’s coding for iOS, Android, backend, AND dev ops. He’s essentially an entire engineering team. Also, unrelated: we’re thinking this app we’re working on right meow (the audio caption contest thing) will actually turn into a meme community app.

Last night I decided I would run shirtless on the beach every day. I reasoned that since taking off my shirt in public is embarrassing, this habit would be a good motivator to fix that. This morning when it was time to get out there the idea mortified me so much that instead I binged the Netflix show Easy and drank a bottle of wine.

Dia Trinta e um


Five weeks in to food rationing and I think I finally got a handle on it. Had twenty euros so I bought eight euros (three bottles) worth of port and wine to celebrate.

Ran out of the apartment as the sun was setting, paddled out, and came out of two barrels back-to-back whuhhhht! It was mostly closing out, but sometimes it would double-up and sort of horseshoe as it hit the sand bar; it was pretty much: take off right behind the peak, pump real big as soon as you get up, get mmmmbarreled, then come out the doggie door before the secondary wave shuts the whole thing down. Can’t believe these breaks are all walking distance; it’s a goddamn sin.

Dia Trinta


Garrett McNamara, the man responsible for surfing the largest wave in human history just casually chilling at Surfer Lodge today. Besides that, we had an all-day hackathon aimed at improving the website, and I ate five pounds of bacalao.

Today I cut up carrots, broccoli and zucchini for just three days worth of meals and it took two goddamn hours. The hardest part about being a founder, so far, has been all of the kitchen prep.

Dia Vinte e nove


So I guess our landlord and her daughter went into our apartment today while I was surfing and saw all my sketches up on the wall next to my bed; they couldn’t stop laughing when I got back. Neil describes the sketches as “sexually charged”. Anyways, regarding the company: v1 for this product is pretty much 90% designed. It’s kind of cool, because I’m designing things, not as I ideally would, but rather with utmost technical simplicity in mind. In other words it’ll be easy for us to code up. The result has been fun; complexities have been dropped; nice-to-have features have been dropped; it’s kind of as if a six-year-old designed it, and I think it’s better that way. And I should let you know that Neil hasn’t moved a single muscle in his face for the last seven hours; he’s just been sitting on the computer cranking. He pretty much built the iOS and Android versions of the app in a day. And yeah I’m over here designing like a six-year-old.

You know, I’m not sure that I’d ever had a plum before coming out here. They’re really good. I bought 12 of them today.

Dia Vinte e oito


This morning one of the founders of this company downed four ice cold smoothies way too fast; he had to put on a winter jacket and lost all feeling in his extremities.

I had forgotten what a normal work day looked like. Neil f@¢&ed with Android stuff while I designed v1 of the app. Neither of us actually finished our work for today, but that’s cool, because we don’t have a boss. Today, I made something pretty close to shrimp pad thai: egg noodles, egg whites, pan fried shrimp cooked with bell peppers, tomatoes, nuts and seeds, hot oil, and dark leafy greens. It was real good and éspicy.

Dia Vinte e sete


We came up with this pretty awesome idea for an app where you edit other people’s content to make funny stuff; you play it on a world map against other people. Anyways, yeah, there’re only two of us, so we came up with the simplest version of that, and we’re going to build that instead. Neil keeps snapchatting everything I do ಠ_ಠ like today I spilled a little bit of tea on my shirt.

I settled into a deep panic today when I realized I have to do the technical work of four departments: Backend, Ops, Android and iOS. Just gonna use what I learned in the ocean today: hold my breath and go limp til the turbulence passes.

Dia Vinte e seis


This night owl and early bird committed to a collaboration schedule: we’ll both be in the office 6pm to 10pm every day. We bought 4 kilograms of shrimp and returned a rented car 3 days late. Apple rejected the Junk Food stickers. We came up with the idea of a real world graffiti game. Could be fun if executed properly.

Highlight of the day: we bought 4 kilos of shrimp to learn how to cook shrimp well. I stir fried mine at high heat in a wok with Thai spices, African chili pepper oil, and a pinch of oregano. Neil ate his straight out of the Tupperware.

Dia Vinte e cinco


After I stormed off today with a stick up my butt, I sat down in front of the supermarket and started thinking about how to make a social game related to people’s interests. We’ve since talked it over, and the idea is starting to take shape. We’ll keep brainstorming until something feels compelling enough to start designing + coding.

Today I was too low energy to come up with app ideas in the morning (1:30pm). Santi was understandably annoyed and went to Supertubos to clear his mind. I took a nap and then boogie boarded at our local beach next to a small child who was catching, like, every wave. Santi and I made up and had a productive talk about the latest incarnation of this month’s idea.

Dia Vinte e quatro


Today marked our first official workday. Neil took a five-hour nap, but then we started whiteboarding. We don’t know what we’re going to work on, yet. We’re considering building an app for local surfers, where they can specify other interests; then, once there are enough people with another common interest, a new realm is formed, etc. Another idea we have is a game you play where your opponent or teammate was chosen by a mutual friend for some reason. Another idea we have is where you reveal fun things about you to the closest N people. Another idea we have is where if you need help with something really badly, you can video chat with them; the “tutor” can charge whatever they want per minute. Another idea is where you specify the things you’re a master of, the things you’re becoming good at, and the things you’re excited about and just starting to do; then you could see people nearby who have one of those in their lists. Or something like that. We’re video chatting with people who want to brainstorm on these things, so let us know if you want us to ask you a bunch of questions…

The desks are set up. Santi and I practiced soccer for a bit and he won 10/10 sprints for the ball and on the last one he did a rainbow which was pretty uncalled for. Then he ate a giant chia seed and prune cocktail and almost crapped his pants at Staples while we were buying the whiteboard.

Dia Vinte e três


Ikea left out one goddamn screw for our desks and now we lose our first real work day going back to Lisbon, fack.

You have no idea what we went through to get shit back here from an IKEA, and those dingleberries forgot a screw, so now we can’t put the desk together. I’m going to use all ten words of Portuguese I know when I get to that customer service counter tomorrow.

Dia Vinte e dois


At least we don’t have any successful products with users and all that.

This apartment is invigorating. We’re going to lisbon tomorrow to get desks to set up the work space. Then all that’s left is setting up fiber internet, then it’s go time.

Dia Vinte e um


Today was a high point. We moved into our place today and the first thing I see when I open my eyes tomorrow morning will be the motherfucking ocean.

Ah yes yes yes, I’ve been waiting for this day, and it has finally come. Blender, baby – five speeds plus a turbo version. I’m getting goat’s colostrum shipped from over 5,000 miles away for morning smoothes. They call it liquid gold; it’s a mother goat’s first milk, yellowish in substance, full of antibodies, disease-fighting agents, and anti-aging propertinies.

Dia Vinte


We’re really starting to hone in on the idea; it’s around people’s interests. Right now, we’re just having very open conversations about it, kinda just mentally exploring the space, not trying to solve all the problems. There were some big insights tonight, though. I dunno; I think we’ve got something.

Santi hasn’t pooped in 3 days and I’m worried he might die.

Dia Dezenove


I spent most of the last few hours getting mega penetrated by Apple’s iMessage app submission process. Also, waves were so good today.

The presidential debate was on at 3am. The surf was scary af. I made us a mini heroku for hosting our own shit today. I am sleepy.

Dia Dezoito


Voilà! Junk Food by Super Serious Company – a set of iMessage stickers filled with food items that looks like human parts (butternut squash, eggplant, etc). Now waiting for Apple’s pending approval…

I worked all day on our slack bot — S6: Super Serious Simple Storage Service Service. Ultimately couldn’t justify the hosting cost for a free slack utility so tomorrow I’m moving on. Still, learned a lot and published my first two npm modules ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Dia Dezessete


I caught my first wave on a bodyboard today. Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze in the 1991 film Point Break look like movie versions of me and Santi. I made a chatbot for our slack that uploads these comics you’re reading, his name is Marvin and he’s quite depressed.

Ahhh – feels good to be twerkin again, even if it’s on this. Also, Neil caught his first wave today. There was a pretty big high-five that happened right after, and then we went and blew half our food budget on a salmon sandwich and a cafeteria-esque shrimp omelette. With four days left to go til ATM day, it was a critical mistake

Dia Dezesseis

Comic16 75072b1a20e045497b9f1a4fed87e1ddb7bb9c55741cce3f06d842dd35868bf6

After surfing, we re-committed to creating the working life we’d envisioned out here. Takeaways: I’m going to whisper freestyle rap lyrics into my pillow before going to sleep and Santi is going to masturbate every single day. This company is going to be worth millions.

One of Neil's goals is to become a true master in the software field, both in knowledge and in practice. Another of his goals is to be hot, and another one is to be able to rap on the spot. As cofounder, one of my jobs is to make sure he meets these goals, so I proposed during dinner that I take a two-week vacation through France in a couple months, to give him space to do tech research, etc. He bit.

Dia Quinze

Comic15 e242fcb5417eec079998252c50675a2b6bd3700bf573589561db641f577409a4

When I wrote out a list of apartment priorities at the beginning of this search, “ocean view from the work area” was #4. Today I discovered it had been #1 in my heart this whole time.

Yeehaw! So this tiny, little island is called Ilha do Baleal. We have a two-bedroom, with views of one beach on one side and another beach on the other side, each with waves coming from a different swell window (mwhappah!). It's cozy, so we'll get to know each other, but the views, they cannot be beat. There are no extra beds, so, visitors, prepare to sleep head-to-toe with the gardaddy.

Dia Quatorze

Comic14 5453154f8de63f60bc861cb2b20cb9ef48342f2e1a7a2f932b2e617c980662ff

I ate sardines on bread today and it was luxurious as fuck. Santi said he was spiraling and I responded with a heartfelt speech. I think it worked, but I didn’t look up from playing Mr. Jump on my iPhone the entire time so I can’t be 100% sure.

Landed the longest floater of my life today at this spot called Cantinho da Baia, which is out in front of our new place; it's a really fast left-hander, super fun. Then got home and slammed six eggs and two cans of tunashealashe.

Dia Treze

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We split up today: Neil biked around talking to real estate agents in Portuguese, while I bailed to go surf with a friend. Waves were exchanged. Turns out this guy, Tiago, knows absolutely everyone here. He and his family invited us out and hooked it up with contacts to the coolest houses around. Super Serious HQ coming soon.

We gon' make it

Dia Doze

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This isn't what I had envisioned, but they left us no choice. Needless to say, a couple apartments appeared out of thin air...

I learned that “tudo bem” roughly means “it’s fine” and now I’m speaking confident Portuguese. I don’t understand most of the responses, but tudo bem.

Dia Onze

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We decided to put all work aside until we find a permanent residence; nothing's turned up yet, and it's kind of tearing Super Serious apart existentially. Neil says his mind is like a blender with nothing in it. I'm looking at flights to France.

I watched 8 hours of tv today and cooked two meals and that’s it. Starting to go a little stir-crazy in this airbnb, I can’t wait to settle in to a place and start working for real.

Dia Dez

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Today we biked to all the nearby towns in hopes of finally finding an apartment to live in permanently. We were lost in a field of corn for like an hour. Gonna just try again tomorrow.

We apartment hunted on bikes for three hours today. My bike seat hurts my butt a lot and at one point I caught myself about to cry so I laughed out loud instead. It was real loud but I don’t think Santi heard bc he was too far ahead of me.

Dia Nove

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Tonight we were homeless in Lisbon lugging around a broken bike and we got robbed. It was also our best night here so far.

Everything was going great; we got everything done for the day, had a fricken' blast doing it. We were even high fiving each other in the bus… high fives retracted. ಠ_ಠ

Dia Oito

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Today we finally hit the ocean. Santi gave me a crash course in boogie boarding, saying phrases like “really easy,” “perfect for beginners,” and “waves are tiiiiny today.” An hour later I’m on my butt in the shallow water, fins akimbo, facing the shore. Dead eyes idly surveying the boogie board I’d long since let go of. Completely defeated.

Err... oops.

Dia Sete

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So this is where we’re gonna live for a year. For whatever reason I was picturing big open windows to the beach. Whenever I go anywhere I’m picturing big open windows to a private beach. But it’s never like that I guess. At least the internet is still fast. We’re gonna spend the next week probably getting the essentials: bikes for transportation, boards for recreation and a house.

Sure, Peniche's a bit run down, but this place has skateparks!, soccer fields!, the best waves in Europe!, fish! – bunch of stuff. But anyways yeah Neil's not too stoked right meow.

Dia Sex

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I took Santi out to a nice dinner to celebrate making the website. He joked that we never go out anymore, but I caught a twinge of authentic sadness. At a restaurant on the river we toasted vinho branco over grilled octopus and talked about the future. When we got back, a bunch of our tinder friends and one unsuspecting intern jumped into our video chat. I am full and happy.

Website wup-ah!!! One of our proudest moments. We setup this link where anyone can click it at any time and enter a group video chat with us – just like pop in. We've had ~40 visitors tonight. Anyways, at one point, a random shirtless dude laying on his bed popped in, got scared, and popped out.

Dia Cinco

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We worked on the website for 14 hours today. Our host told Santi that sometimes it rains here and he looked really scared and he hasn’t been the same since. I ate a zucchini today and it was so filling. Last night I had a dream about bread.

Daddy's tired.

Dia Quatro

Comic4 ba1ce52690da0cd89fd076ec03f94d53d07991f50e85db0277174ada72302f1b

I nearly shit my pants today because of the shared bathroom. The website copy makes me laugh. I am out of food.

Okay so Neil ate most of my food today ಠ_ಠ He's back to beasting. Website should all be done by tomorrow – and, if it is, Neil says we get to have a little candlelit business dinner to celebrate.

Dia Três

Comic3 f457703993d3a64fbb606f26a98c845df5bd50961cb297ab4373ff73f6d83a00

Creating feels good. Santi casually told me he sat in a church pew and realized he “needed chicks.” Two kiwis, three eggs and nine shrimp remain.

All we did today was work. I stepped out for a few minutes to get some groceries and ended up sitting in a church, staring at this statue of a man carrying another man, thinking about how buhoned my love life just got.

Dia Dois

Comic2 d33cd96be4f4f8c1d38e71381f6db73f44af888795f968986a924051455b7e6b

Despite getting two promising leads on AWS credits for the business, I felt ineffective today. It might be because:

  • our work life balance is tilting towards life and I wrote my first line of code at 9:30pm.
  • my body is wondering what happened to the surplus of pizza and cocktail calories it was trained to rely on in NYC.
  • when you work on your own shit, it’s harder to finish fast by ignoring better ways to do things.

Regardless, I’m gonna wake up tomorrow and start working and not stop til I feel effective again. Also Santi’s website design looks dope.

Neil's sad, because we're pretty much fucked. I'm playing the forward-looking, hopeful, we-can-do-this role, but when he's not looking, I sneak these little existential-angst looks out the window – Mazzy Star playing in the headphones, etc. Just gonna ignore the daunt and focus on the micro projects. Signing off, the big tuna.

Dia Um

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Today, the big tuna and the little tuna woke up in Portugal (I'm the big tuna). This here's a holy place: the only country on the planet to provide low living costs, fast internet speeds, AND epic surf. Here, we plan on building a business that will finally make us rich and famous – behold Super Serious Company. We thought it wise to start by writing down our ten-, five-, and one-year goals.

We did long term goal setting and Santi and I are aligned in our visions of grandiose and eccentric lives, except my 10 year goal list has “Kids” and his 5 year goal list has “No Kids.”

Our weekly food budget is 60 euros each. I spent 46 euros today and I ate more than half my food already and I am panicking.

While I was making dinner, Santi inexplicably put his fuck playlist on the big jambox.