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Santi owned the visual brand of Super Serious Company and drew all the cartoons. He's active as fuck and has a magnetic personality. His outgoing and earnest exterior belies an existential turmoil and an artistic struggle to represent the beauty he perceives around him. (Santiago Garza)

Santiago garza santi tinder desk working los angeles california 07164968d7bb5637bdd88e01f99e6deb9ec54f73f9cbf335dd60799e7bf1c980
This is a rare sighting of Santi at his desk. Note the lack of a computer or any other implement of work. The trophy plaque amidst the fake plants and howling wolf holograms reads: “World’s Best Lover.”
Santiago garza santi tinder los angeles california hair pigtails ponytail funny serious face 793713c87655a827284073eb5631532509fb6ebd8dcf2173e46dc16b5698afaf
This was Santi’s employee badge.
Santiago garza santi mountains shovel pasadena los angeles california young e50d49ca99be4acc170df1afed7230ffd447d3c6cd3d22895b8120248f6fde92
Santi described this photo to me as “sexy, like in a dangerous way.” He also volunteered to provide other angles of him and the shovel if I needed them.
Santiago garza santi neil sarkar tinder super serious company employee los angeles hair 5886b9877fe407488554dcd39a55cf4b3021855fd2ac017ff2915c3a9c8adab2
Tinder put up with this for a year and a half.
Santiago garza santi young funny face ad7f27d9ac416d68fd4a774e1bde4982f6db00ddb1c0341a6f5dcea0082425af
TFW you fart and no one's noticed yet.
Santiago garza santi climbing bouldering los angeles california hair 69df580dee8b5b6ee618e9c4b09209233be2c9fec97151b9740e08c42162ff12
This was the international sensation known as Santi’s Tinder test account. Hush now children and pay your respects, you are in the presence of greatness.
Santiago garza santi at college party lucas garza funny face young shaved head hair b0b9b82a60b998c0cde39201b659746e3a115ecbf7b621824c2fa9a54668e344
Santi liked parties when he was…I’m gonna guess 15?
Santiago garza santi kitten bed hair bun cat pasadena california 51bfd82647b00004a249c614d8eb58bf8e9de3a4c178eae4cf77df337511362b
Santi is legit fascinated by every living thing around him.
Santiago garza santi mushroom trip joshua tree california 225a9c61328a335b0bb7d64a547dbcb24bb89844f2b0744db351beab6d7d373f
Santi at Joshua Tree, totally not tripping on shrooms.
Santiago garza santi neil sarkar super serious company tennis hair los angeles california funny a1ba6d9e678339afba981dc880cb6696bd1cbaa600ceb1364a882185d44711a4
One time Santi publicly challenged me to a tennis match. Everyone at the office came to watch. He doesn't play tennis. He lost.
Santiago garza santi puppies puppy victor colomes tinder malibu los angeles 88d635afe8fee3502d15bd3699cfca32f243ef2a92e0a7e0626ba3742355501b
Santi likes puppies and has other hot friends who also like puppies. I know you want his number but he left his flip phone in the states.
Santiago garza santi rock climbing bouldering 4eb76141d487d672ccf4de11c41d838d8425b5e7a3d9680e10a7f61e9705c0a5
Santi apparently didn’t like the first rock climbing photo he sent me because it wasn’t shirtless enough.
Santiago garza santi short hair buzzed with dad brother lucas agustin raft ocean young cc125a1da40a3fbdf741bbda602ceade986b7b757b02f164612fb0b4a5a0dfd9
Being photographed shirtless runs in Santi’s family.
Santiago garza santi skating skateboarding pool young pasadena california high school 402a9afa62993358e94eafd9b799f9e2f52353b8c7eb0460ff69a9b28a136943
Before he was homeless, Santi used to break into people's houses to skate their empty pools.
Santiago garza santi surfing coral saucedo paul rada 44d814a187263cbf4f339ecdb96949a929453aafb7f1c5ab666031d0e5efdb8f
Santi always says "two dragons" when a photo's being taken, but he's the only one that ever strikes the pose.
Santiago garza santi surfing costa rica wave ocean water california 3dc435d129c1910a4319779e89e906e65f0edb185c8ee15a9db9e0c2774a60fe
Bruskakanaka, this is a mega stoked Santi Claus dawn patrolling it, ripping into Poseidon's glassy shoulder like wuppah!
Santiago garza santi surfing surf wave costa rica surfer 6c7cee9d127d69f8b3cba443e31728f9ba0a512c8ae1106db8af96cec9655562
Is this a publishing house frantically trying to get rid of unsold copies of C.S. Lewis books? Because someone is shuh-rrrreding the Chronicles of Gnarnia.
Santiago garza santi surfing costa rica wave surf da3355b9f6dcc9594907d4ea0dcf70745b01d12ac9bc7d6cfc68f78022a13931
Alright, Santi gave me three photos of him surfing and I ran out of surf terminology to do.
Santiago garza santi tinder los angeles california alex dworsky lacey hulsey funny 27012b4d13b6a19d808ba6adc82efe902c5b5c8db5773e2d07fe3b893d3650aa
This is Santi with two of our absolute favorite people. Shoutout to Dworsky and Lacey.
Santiago garza santi van vanlife california sunglasses serious young b75173a47b1ac5c0d1027625dd02ee915cbee9c9d36da302bd3f631a0e7e55ff
Santi lived in a white van with no windows. Yes, before you ask, occasionally it was parked down by a river.
Santiago garza santi van vanlife surfing smiling los angeles california fa4dc276b9607dd5aaeb880690ffe9e7e9f74adbad47be188148070d9a7d6613
The van was immaculately clean. He created his own surfer’s paradise, of which he was justifiably proud.
Santiago garza santi young child kid baby with dad agustin 09315f76eabf6dc191b924494d1341f4aeb2ebbcbf542c899a30beed1e364ae3
Yeah ok this is pretty cute. Foreshadowing a european future for this little tyke.
Santiago garza santi young skateboards saffron surfing companies 056f4b406ac5f8c18c0f55349c2730b69653e1ae2f46efd8e487f0eb7e97ba97
Santi may have his head in the clouds (tie dyed shirt) but he’s good at manual labor. In Lisbon he fixed my bike with his bare hands and it saved my ass.
Santiago garza santi young baby toddler horse gonzalo mayer child kid early 9bcc45b2c7c721c8367d5009f73dd7b42016f723f718d2e57dccb42b81565e88
Santi has always been little spoon on horseback rides.