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Neil Rajat Sarkar was the entire Super Serious Company engineering department.

Neil ashley jeremy rooftop arts district 03e4fc7958f4a56d1933acec76129429f689d894d39c4c05e4833edbfa048dea
Come n’ get it, he thinks.
Neil convertible palm springs ebe74bbbb38a8cdeebb74e9589d7682c5d8d0097db580c86e2c4b7d2cb03a2ba
Santi once invited Neil on a surf trip in the van. Neil had to sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag, huddled next to the rusted wheel well. The stark contrast was indicative of times to come.
Neil medieval times 5da3c84882a7b53264e283c3ce2c52263a7e34ca1f1b0b63fc7b0ee9d186c715
This is Neil as an oversized 3rd grader, still blissfully unaware that life ain’t some goddamn fairytale, kid.
Neil mustache caleb brown 77051efdb0d01a2d03c1df491171f290d77e86e4700a77dc68c599c8f17274de
We try not to talk about this phase.
Neil toby scales improv ucbeast 541c24bff5c5bf23be75750d70101825347a0b44e8ad6ab1071e62e5181fa587
Neil’s improv partner looking for any contribution whatsoever from Neil – anything, kaman.
Neil adam kopec seaport d3c2e82802b2e5b63d202c3afd98877030016538c5b7dd8a6dd7fd449edb34f0
Neil and Kopec worked together before Super Serious Company. Santi is secretly jealous of Neil’s past business lovers.
Neil bird australia 276ab3c1e444dccbb8fad25743167d516ea8991c3d8f3b66d1ea44d05e645278
Neil and his pet bird or some bird and its pet Neil – unclear.
Neil child with siblings 077d62ab552fa90235de31f008f5a37fa974fa4b2f54c8d3be0f32b46e156bfc
Some of Neil’s early coding quirks are still with him today: poop.js, snarky commit messages, deleting entire files as a debugging strategy, etc.
Neil clown 19aa483f3bfbab780ffc3b80c9358248369b636f920831b7a244421dbb3ff12e
Before becoming a software engineer, Neil did kids’ birthday parties. The parents quickly discovered it was not his calling.
Neil groupme kevin pat kopec cam de499da934771c0a5e25ac2e1d388a8a797889fa25cbcad4ecfb50f64549451d
Neil’s glory days at GroupMe.
Neil lacma gangsta baby 8c1c288718bcfce327a234c0a7bdcdb2d8f14d884600a7ddcc31589fe714c7d7
Neil tries to become as many kids’ godfather as possible; it’s his thing. I don’t believe this one went through.
Neil um homem e suas coisas a1778fa3c94ccbc0a2678615e6f20c708aceb982b16456fdbcc73f180a6c5e40
Neil insists on wearing a suit on every flight. Hasn't used the suit once since moving to Portugal, but it takes up half the room in Santi’s closet.
Neil london hug fc15d1200bf743185427e8873e448df22feffb72e431b217fec1ba4cfdd7e878
Neil has no kids yet.
Neil artem veuve clicquot tinder rooftop d082adff04369d58b49c2a4fbfb6fd753f3c6145ad53c04586a1e228a29bee5c
Here, an unsolicited advance slowly becomes okay.
Neil meme christmas tree be2a0e6d3ba2b744b8fea1516c016d7a5c7a2936d4e702c93b9e58028ce2bbdb
As a full grown adult, Neil made this Christmas ornament.
Neil wedding come hither c265ba8f268bb0c91c374d07032441a55b406017e2d9e14596e9d2589d62a3d0
Neil musical improv singing 16d0967231acba4b57e4e421d53744543f64e34c42eeb2ee8ab761d5d0f02caf
These days, Neil wears the same t-shirt everyday; it’s this one – $150 somehow.
Neil wedding tuxedo 3d4e20c111444179dfcd41a103c2f634ae5f595913affcf016eaa41353002b3d
Neil loves convertibles, money, and tuxes.
Neil nyc marathon double middles 06ef06e2f3768a21a1c775571d8c4e7441fa74967fb5d511d2959bdb70e06517
This is Neil a few seconds away from crossing the finish line at his first or second marathon. Anyways, that’s not important; what is important is Nicolas.
Neil backflop la rooftop pool 506f116745f369f2d0396cccbff1eee1a613e5c1b423386cd17a55b45ddff491
Neil has always been athletically inclined and made it a point to show off at parties and family events.
Neil ucbeast indie cagematch 55d5cd9fdc92b2ecd7b2f4b49ac5a8e0650c8efe4de41509dfc21d1bad18a01a
Neil’s passion: comedy. There's no english language comedy here in Portugal, so he keeps pitching ideas that are comedy in app form.
Neil smoking post nyc marathon ab9f139b26cb5690b84f7e952e7ccd9bf0733dddb3367e00dde525ace3e2faa0
Neil spooked by something stage left.
Neil sheila sarkar child aa97b9027fdc48f03ff7ca90f790d64f4b5ce117ee6d7db2b26a15d1f8f3e657
I can’t say anything mean about this.