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Sauer Power had two main focuses at Super Serious Company: operational efficiency and getting everything on tape for your viewing pleasure. He also led daily meditation practices at sunrise every morning; Neil never attended.

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Is someone having fun? Oh, oh, I’m sorry; okay, we’re having fun now? Super Serious Company is two-thirds of its way to bankruptcy, you little turds. Get back to work!
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Yea – no one fucks around on Sauer’s watch.
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But sometimes Santi and Neil fall behind, and Sauer is forced to get rearry rearry seriousry.
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On day one of joining the company, Sauer told Neil and Santi about the time he had to kill a chicken, and the blade was dull as a butter knife. He was in charge of holding the wings and let go halfway through the operation, resulting in a bloody mess all over the kitchen. We’re not sure if this was some sort of metaphor.
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Sauer taking a lil’ break from kickin' ass to enjoy a good ole fashioned quesadila.
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Andrew has a very long history of enabling Santi’s antics.
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Sauer’s pastimes include reading, yoga, and stacking Ecuadorian children.
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Sauer shredding gnar.
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This is from the one time Sauer got into Neil’s beauty supplies. Neil hides them in his nightstand now. Oh, oops.
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Sauer photoshopped into a beautiful landscape to appear more rugged.
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Sauer at his vegetarian friend's dinner party.
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Pigtails all up in the public sector.
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“Kaman, one more. Yes, yes you can.”
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An asylum escapees waking up on day 4 of the getaway.
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Some people look like their dogs, and some people go the extra mile and also act like their dogs.
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Sauer still coordinates all his outfits to match his beautiful bright blue eyes.
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We'll just leave this here.